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Our unique and low cost solutions for Small & Medium Scale Industries allow you to grow your business.

Lowest Price in UK

We can offer you the lowest Line Rental Services in UK stating at just £9.99/month.

24x7 Customer Support

We understand your business need and provide you the 24×7 Customer Support for on time solutions.

Recommendation Bonus

Refer to a friend to us and receive a credit bonus of £30 on your next bill.


Welcome You All To  Telefast

Telefast has risen as one of the best in providing Telephone and Broadband services to Britain’s small businesses. Our key focus today is to provide affordable and reliable fixed connectivity (Broadband/Fibre and Landline) to business. Our solutions are customized to enable small businesses to tap into new opportunities and help them thrive, with a portfolio of solutions for Telephone and Broadband.

Telefast is a leading provider of broadband and telephone services for small businesses in United Kingdom. Today, our main focus is to offer reliable and affordable fixed connectivity (Broadband/Fibre and Landline) for businesses.

We offer a range of solutions for Telephone and Broadband that are tailor made to small businesses in order to help them tap into new opportunities and ensure their success.

Start with Phone Line Rental as low as £9.99. Contact today!

Lowest Price in UK

Save On Your Broadband & Phone Line Rentals

At Telefast, we create unbeatable deals, and our low price guarantee means we’ll beat the price you’re paying now. Getting a high quality, stress-free service shouldn’t have to cost a premium. That’s why we offer the best communication solutions and service at the best possible price. And we have a track record of helping small businesses with services that are flexible and reliable.

Telefast offers unbeatable deals. Our low-price guarantee, guarantees that we will beat any price you are paying. A high-quality, stress-free service doesn't need to be expensive. 

We offer the best communication options and the best service at the most affordable price. We have a proven track record of providing services that are reliable and flexible for small businesses.

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£9.99 /month
  • Line Rental Included
  • Local & National Calls 2p
  • Mobile Calls 11p
  • Keep your same Line & Number
  • Free to Switch
  • Ideal for Incoming only Lines
  • Direct Debit Only Offer


£27.99 /month
  • Line Rental Included
  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • Unlimited Mobile Calls
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • Speed upto 16MB
  • Keep your same Line & Number
  • Free to Switch


£34.99 /month
  • Line Rental Included
  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • Unlimited Mobile Calls
  • Unlimited Fibre Broadband
  • Keep your same Line & Number
  • Free to Switch
  • Speed upto 76MB
TELEFAST for service

24x7 Customer Support Like Never before

Telefast focuses heavily on customer service and that is why our customer service team work round the clock to maintain that seamless service. We believe that customer satisfaction holds equal importance which is why we offer an account manager to esteemed customers to keep them up and running and to avoid wasting their time on IVRs during business hours.

Telefast is a company that values customer service. Our customer service team works around the clock to ensure that you receive seamless customer service. Customer satisfaction is equally important to us.

We offer an account manager for our customers to help them keep their business running smoothly and avoid IVRs during work hours.

Get A Variety of Connectivity Options Available At Competitive Packages For Your Business

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    1. We provide exclusives tailor made SME services at the lowest-cost in UK.

    2. Guaranteed to be the Lowest Line Rental for your business at just £9.99.

    3. 24x7Customer Support facility to provide uninterrupted services .

    4. Get assistance of Dedicated Account Manager for your business.

    5. Avail Recommendation Bonus of £30 to your account.

    6. Zero switching cost on fresh sign up.

    TELEFAST for choice

    Lowest Cost Line Rental Guaranteed

    We offer a variety of services including Telephone, Broadband and Fibre Broadband solutions. Through this portfolio, we are pushing the boundaries with a key focus on enhanced end user experience, round-the-clock availability, and superior service quality for all businesses. We deliver the best of what you choose.

    Our services include Broadband, Telephone and Fibre Broadband. We are constantly pushing the boundaries through this portfolio.

    Our key focus is on improved end-user experience, 24/7 availability, and exceptional service quality for all businesses. We offer the best of everything you choose.

    Reliable Networking Converge To The All UK-Based Businesses

    Save £1000 on just one call !! The more you choose, the more you can save with us.

    Telefast Services has the latest knowledge to offer world-wide connectivity, networking, and website services to all our prospective clients.

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